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#206 Three cups and one saucer with flowers and birds | Drei Tassen und eine Untertasse mit Blumen und Vögeln


Porcelain with Gold and partly iron red China Qing Dynasty (1644-1912); Japan late 19th century to Meiji Period (1868-1912). The smaller of the two Chines cups shows floral decorations within an oval reserve with further flowers to either side of the reserve, while the larger cup shows two colorful birds, one perched on a blossoming tree and the other approaching, also within an oval reserve, and features a decorative border around the lip on both the exterior and interior. Both cup have curved handles and exhibit a mor Europena style. The Japanese cup and saucer each shows four reserves with fine depictions of flowers, birds and landscapes as well as a courtley dressed man wearing an eboshi accompaied by his servant. Condition: the smaller of the Chinese cups has a minor break on the lip, otherwise all pieces are in very good condition. Provenace: Chinese cup Collection Jelske Wagenaar, Netherlands; Japanese cup Austrian private collection. | Porzellan mit gold- und teilweise eisenroter Bemalung, China-Qing-Dynastie (1644-1912); Japan Ende des 19. Jahrhunderts bis Meiji-Zeit (1868-1912). Zustand: Der kleinere der chinesischen Becher hat einen kleinen Bruch an der Lippe, ansonsten sind alle Teile in sehr gutem Zustand. Provenienz: Chinesische Pokalsammlung Jelske Wagenaar, Niederlande; Japanische Tasse österreichische Privatsammlung

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EUR 400.00

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